Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jennifer Aniston's Workout

Jennifer Aniston is a few years into her 40s, yet the former “Friends” star still has a body most twenty something Hollywood starlets would kill for.
Jennifer Aniston is toned but not too muscular and as a result can wear just about anything. She has a toned figure which can put to shame women half her age.

How does Jennifer do it?

She starts with yoga. She even do some running before starting yoga.
Aniston’s longtime yoga instructor Mandy Ingber explained that
“She is great with all of the balancing poses,” “She has amazing focus and presence. She does a mean tree...and can outlast my tree any day.”

Here's how Jennifer do it:-
  • Aniston begins her workout by doing 22 minutes of cardio. She starts with a 5-minute warm-up before moving on to interval training.
  • During her interval training, she does 1 minute of high-intensity exercises followed by 2 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises until her remaining 17 minutes is completed.
  • She finishes her cardio workout with five Sun Salutations. Finishing her cardio with this yoga movement allows Aniston to slow her breathing.
  • Continue the regiment by doing more yoga. Aniston does two hours of Hatha yoga at least three times a week. Hatha yoga is the most common and popular type of yoga.
  • Get on The Zone diet. Aniston has been singing the praises of The Zone diet for years. The Zone diet plan that Jennifer follows is made up of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent lean proteins and 30 percent essential fats.
Here is a video of Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor Mandy Ingber

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